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LLUH Center for Evidence Synthesis

website for LLUH JBI affiliated Center for Evidence Synthesis. Contains LLUH JBI course information.

How the registration process works

If you want to save your place in the trainings, please:

  • Email Jan Nick, Center director, at to express your interest and/or intentions
  • Accept the Calendar invite for the sessions
  • The Center staff will add your name to the registration portal in the JBI Education Software
  • The Center will send you an invoice for the fees for the course

Fees for the courses

For Comprehensive Systematic Review Training Course

  • $1000 for Modules 1, 2, 3  If registering all at once for the quarter-long training
  • $300 for Module 1               If taken separately (must complete Module 1 prior to Module 2 or 3).
  • $350 for Module 2               If taken separately
  • $350 for Module 3               If taken separately

For Scoping Review Workshop

  • $250 for the one-day workshop

For the GRADE Pro Workshop