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LLUH Center for Evidence Synthesis

website for LLUH JBI affiliated Center for Evidence Synthesis. Contains LLUH JBI course information.

JBI is a global organization promoting and supporting evidence-based decisions that improve health and health service delivery. JBI works with universities and hospitals from across the globe through the JBI Collaboration to create synthesized research evidence for transfer and implementation that is culturally inclusive and relevant across the diversity of healthcare internationally. 

LLUH Center for Evidence Synthesis (CES), founded in 2021, provides additional structure for scholarly interdisciplinary work between and within clinical and academic departments to develop evidence-based guidelines for care delivery and drive improvements in healthcare.

Vision:  To establish LLUH as an international expert and leader in generating and implementing Evidence-based Healthcare.

Mission:  To engage an interdisciplinary mix of academicians, clinicians, and decision-makers to impact healthcare quality, safety, and value through (a) training and mentoring of evidence-based competencies, (b) creating high-level synthesized research, and (c) enhancing practice change through evidence-based initiatives locally and globally.

Goals (measurable, quantifiable outcomes):   

  1. Provide advanced training to expand the health professional’s skills in clinical questioning, searching, managing, and appraising primary evidence using engrossing, active, and sound learning strategies.
  2. Facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations on scholarly EBP/EBM projects.
  3. Increase LLUH scholarly generation of syntheses and synopses using internationally known methodologies.
  4. Increase dissemination of completed synthesized evidence through scholarly presentations and publications.
  5. Create linkages between departments and boost the usage of secondary, pre-appraised EBP/EBM literature for point of care activities in clinical areas to collaboratively change practice.
  6. Advance EBP/EBM content in curricula, and clinical areas through training and consultation to health-related programs in the SDA university network.
  7. Establish training fellowships for health professionals from the SDA university network or conduct on-site training workshops.

LLUH JBI Center Director

  Jan Nick, PhD, RNC-OB, CNE, ANEF, FAAN




Deputy Directors

Lisa Roberts (Deputy Director for Quantitative Synthesis), DrPH, MSN, RN, FNP-BC, CHES, FAANP, FAAN

James Pappas (Deputy Director for Evidence-based Practice Change), MD

Gurmeet Sehgal (Deputy Director for Data Retrieval and Management), MS, MLS

Lawrence Loo (Deputy Director for Education Quality and Outcomes), MD, MACP

Bryan Cafferky (Deputy Director for Meta-Analysis and Meta-Synthesis), PhD, MS, MDiv

Anne Berit Petersen (Deputy Director for Qualitative Synthesis), PhD, MPH, APRN-CNS, CHES

Core Staff

Jung Wei (Anna) Chen, DDS, MS, MS, PhD, FAAPD, FACD, FADI, FICD, FIADT, Diplomate of ABPD

Ellen D'Errico, PhD, RN, NEA-BC

Patti Radovich, PhD

Olayemi Adeoye, MBBS, PhD, MPH

Noha Daher, DrPH

Kelly Morton, PhD

Shanalee Tamares, MLIS

photo of 2019 JBI training participants