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LLUH Center for Evidence Synthesis

website for LLUH JBI affiliated Center for Evidence Synthesis. Contains LLUH JBI course information.

Registering your TITLE (optional)

You could register the title of your project, before your protocol at the start of the protocol development.  The title would be listed on the JBI website. It would tell other individuals that this topic is being worked on by you and your team. It is not required to do this step however. The registration form is found in the JBI Manual for Evidence Synthesis, chapter 1, section 1.3.

  • Protocols must include a structured abstract (maximum 250 words) using the following headings: Objective, Introduction, Inclusion criteria, Methods, Systematic review registration number.
  • The total manuscript word count (excluding the abstract, references and appendices) may not exceed 2500 words.
  • A maximum of 30 references may be included.

Authors must register protocols in PROSPERO and report the registration number in the manuscript prior to publication in the JBIES

Registering your REVIEW Protocol before it is published (required)

Registering your SCOPING REVIEW Protocol before it is published

Once the scoping review protocol is registered with either of these resources, you will need to add the registration number to your accepted protocol prior to being published.