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Linking to Full Text For Your Syllabus or Canvas Course: Full Text for your course

Instructions for adding full text articles, e-bk, and online journals to your course. How-to create persistent links to full-text articles and online journals.


The LibGuide "Full Text for your Syllabus or Canvas Course" is a guide to facilitate access to full text resources. This is a how-to guide that includes instructions for linking to full text of articles, e-books, and e-journals for your course.

Creating Persistent Links

Linking to Full Text in Your Course or Syllabus

Journal linking features enable you to link directly to the electronic version of a particular journal and its full text articles. This page includes information regarding building stable Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) that enable connecting to the electronic full text version of articles in your online syllabus or course within the learning management system. If you have questions or comments, please contact your liaison librarian.

Please note the following information about linking:

  • In many cases, a single typo will invalidate your URL.
  • Recommended browsers Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I just bookmark the page?

We recommend that you link to a specific journal or article, rather than bookmarking the page for the following reasons:

  • Users go directly into the journal of their choice, with the minimum number of clicks.
  • Linking provides short, easy-to-use, and stable URLs – minimizing dead-ends.
  • Copyright & licensing agreements
  • Subscription and session IDs