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Staying Current in Your Field: Home

This guide will help you set up alerts so you can be notified what's in new issues of journals you are interested in following or what's new in a specific database on the subject you are researching.

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Keeping up with the Literature

It is almost imposible to keep current with what is happening in the health care professions.  Pubmed alone adds the citations to over half a million articles each year. These pages are designed to aid you in setting up processes that can help you keep up with what is published in your field.


Three ways to keep up with the literature


1.  Journals: Set up Table of Contents (TOC) email alerts for the different Journals in your field

Most publishers will require that you set up a user account if you don't already have one.


2. Databases:  Set up save searches for your research topics that can be run on a regular basis


3.  Books: Creating Preferred Searches on the broad subjects you are interested in.

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