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Copyright LibGuide

For detailed copyright information, please visit the Copyright @ LLU Libguide

Check and Go

Loma Linda University now holds an Annual Academic Copyright License (AACL) from Copyright Clearance Center.

Step 1

Search for permission to photocopy or share content electronically at CCC's Annual Academic License.

  • Enter a search for the Publication Title or ISBN/ISSN and/or the Publisher (Do not enter the title of the specific article or chapter.)
  • Scroll down in the Search Results to look at:
  • If the results of the search indicate:
Covered by CCC Annual LicenseCovered by CCC Annual Academic Copyright License

…no further action is necessary. You are free to use this content in your course materials for the duration of the LLU license agreement with CCC.

Remember that permissions are granted one quarter/semester at a time through CCC. Check each new semester to be sure that nothing has changed before continuing to post , copy or handout.

Step 2


In the event a publication is not covered under the license,call the Interlibrary Loan Office OR fill out the Copyright Request Form and we will facilitate requesting permissions and paying the CCC copyright charges, which we will charge back to your department. 

You can also search and obtain permissions using CCC's pay-per-use services.

Note: The payment of the service fee is the responsibility of the individual user, not the Loma Linda University Libraries.

Notify CCC if there are publishers you would like added to the program. CCC will work with their Publisher Relations team to recruit these publishers to participate in the Annual Copyright License Program.

License Features and Benefits

  • Single institution-wide license that provides wide coverage while reducing the need to pay-per-use permissions.
  • Extends to the institution's students studying abroad, satellite campuses and distance education programs.
  • Covers course materials produced for the institution by off-campus copy shops, bookstores and national course pack providers.
  • Operational efficiency: "Check and go permissions" reduces the time/cost associated with searching for, obtaining and reconciling permissions on transactional basis.
  • Increased copyright compliance across the institution.

Keep It Simple: Link When Possible

In many cases, you can eliminate the need for permission or fee by simply giving your students a link to the work instead of making copies. For example:

• Your library already has already paid for a subscription license that entitles you and your students to online access.Check your library’s Web site to see if the work you wish to use is available there without charge.

• Even if the library hasn’t purchased access, the work may be available for free on a legitimate Web site, such as your institutional repository or another online open archive, the author’s homepage, or an open access journal. Most sites allow students to print a copy for personal use.

• If the library has not licensed access and you can’t link to the work for free, contact the library’s electronic reserves department about whether they can arrange access for your students.