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OpenAthens Authentication System: Home

Resources and information for students and faculty to accessing the library's OpenAthens, off-campus authentication system or create OpenAthens-based links




OpenAthens is our new sign-in method for off-campus access to library resources.  OpenAthens lets you log into a library resource from a publisher's website instead of starting your search at the library's website. For example, you might find an article via Google Scholar, click on the link to the publisher's full text and be asked to pay for the article or to log in using your institution's login.

With OpenAthens, you can click this button, search for Loma Linda University Libraries, log in with your LLUH credentials (email & password) and gain access to the article you're seeking. Currently enrolled students are automatically provided a patron account that facilitates this feature. All other patrons may need to register for a patron account from the library's homepage. Another benefit, when accessing multiple OpenAthens enabled resources, you will not be asked to log back in during a single session.

For questions, please contact Library Systems at 909-558-4582 or

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