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Resource Guide for Pharmacy Students and Faculty: Assignment for PY1 Students

This guide has been designed to provide information about library resources available to students and faculty of the School of Pharmacy.


PY1 Searching Assignment

Choose a drug (generic or brand name) to use in completing the following exercises. Please email the assignment to


Exercise 1: Construct a search in PubMed (using your drug) that will find articles with the following elements present: clinical trial, published in the last 5 years, in adults 19-44 years.

Record (or copy and paste) a complete citation for one of the articles:


Exercise 2: Using Clinical Pharmacology, identify any interactions with your drug.

Record (or copy and paste) at least one possible interaction:


Exercise 3: In Facts & Comparisons, search the monographs for your drug. Briefly examine the monograph, especially for administration and dosage.

Record (or copy and paste) a normal adult dosage:


Exercise 4: In Micromedex, use the main search box and search for your drug.

Record (or copy and paste) either the synonyms or the chemical name: