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Copyright Guide for Faculty and Students: Introduction

This guide provides resources for students, researchers, staff, and faculty on copyright law, policies, and guidelines at the Loma Linda University.

Link When Possible

In many cases, you can eliminate the need for permission or fee by simply giving your students a link to the work instead of making copies of it.

Click here for  detailed information on Creating Persistent Links to full text content.


Welcome to the Copyright Libguide, which is designed to share information on Copyright Resources, the Annual Copyright License, and Loma Linda University's Copyright Policies.
Loma Linda University now holds an Annual Academic Copyright License (AACL) from Copyright Clearance Center.
The Annual Academic Copyright License is an annual license that allows the reuse of text-based copyrighted content from participating publishers within higher education institutions.

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LLU Libraries

Need Assistance with Copyright Issues:

Contact Farzaneh at the Interlibrary Loan Office or one of the Liaison Librarians.

Liason Librarians communicate between the library and the departments.Person associated with your department is the best way to reach someone familiar with your department and needs.