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Finding Articles Using PubMed@LLU: Using My NCBI to find Articles (including ZYNX)

a how-to

Why Use My NCBI

If you have a program that directly connects with PubMed (like ZYNX) following these steps will provide the linking buttons to the LLU collection so you have access to full text of the articles included in our subscriptions.

Linking to the LLU Librariy using a My NCBI Account

1 Register for a My NCBI Account If you are working on a computer where you are the sole user check the boxes beside  "Keep me signed in" & "Remember my username".

2. Sign in to your My NCBI Account

3. In the "Table of Contents" box on the left select "Preferences"

4. Under "PubMed Preferences" clink on the "Outside tool" link.

5. Click on the "L" and locate "Loma Linda University Libraries" and select it.

6.  Click on "Save"

7.  On the top bar click on PubMed to return to searching PubMed. 

My NCBI Tutorials