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Connecting to library resources from off campus

On this guide you can find information on how to access library resources when you are off campus.


Nomad Logo LibKey Nomad is a browser extension/plugin that works with our library's holdings to provide you with the best resource link at the time you need it from any website be it Google search, PubMed, database, or journal website.  With Nomad added to your browser, a Loma Linda University placard will appear at the bottom-left of a resource webpage and link you to the Full Text or best available options. No more running into paywalls, when you click on the Nomad link, you are first authenticated to LLUH and provided authorized access to the resource. 


Download the Nomad extension for your browser


When LibKey Nomad is installed as an extension to your favorite browser, a placard with a green teardrop and branded with Loma Linda University will appear at the bottom-left of any webpage with links to resources such as articles.  You might have begun your searched from the library's homepage or from Google, it doesn't matter. Clicking on the Nomad placard will verify that you are authorized to access the resource you found by prompting you to log into the library first. 

Besides the "Provided by" label, additional access options for this placard may include: 1) Download PDF, 2) Article Link, 3) Access Options, 4) Expression of Concern, and 5) Retracted.  The last two access types indicate potential editorial issues with the resource. 

Some resources such as PubMed or Wikipedia will include a one-line Nomad link for each reference or search result giving you even quicker access.