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Dental Hygiene Guide

This guide is created to support the programs at Loma Linda University, School of Dentistry, Department of Dental Hygiene.

Using the Databases Portal

Which database should I use?

The library provides over 100 databases.  The database page arranges them in alphabetical order.  You can rearrange the databases by clicking on the Subject dropdown below the alphabet navigation menu.  


Choose a subject from the dropdown box and click APPLY:  

Evaluate which database is appropriate for your search topic.  Get more information on database content by clicking on the link, more info underneath each database name and brief description in the database list.

Database basics

Go to the databases when you have a topic and not a specific citation

Search a database if you are looking for articles on a particular topic. 

Browse the database list by:

  • Alphabetical list A-Z


Arrange the list by subject instead of title.  Use the dropdown box in the center to choose your desired subject.