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Mobile Access & Apps: StatRef

Information about access to resources for mobile users.

How to access StatRef Mobile

STAT!Ref has been optimized for delivery on mobile devices. 

Navigate and log in to StatRef as you normally would from the library homepage, or click here if you are viewing these instructions from your mobile device.  Most mobile devices will be automaticaly redirected to the mobile URL.

STAT!Ref® App

After downloading the app, get your username and password by following the directions in the box below.

STAT!Ref iPhone and iPad App

The STAT!Ref Mobile App allows you to access your institution's Stat!Ref subscription from your iPhone and iPad.  The STAT!Ref Mobile App can be downloaded FREE from the iTunes App Store by clicking here:!ref/id474559171?mt=8

STAT!Ref BlackBerry App

The STAT!Ref Mobile App allows you to access your institution's Stat!Ref supscription from your BlackBerry, but please note that BlackBerry OS 5 or later is required.  The STAT!Ref Mobile App can be downloaded FREE by copying and pasting this URL into your BlackBerry:

STAT!Ref Android™ App

The STAT!Ref Mobile App allows you to access your institution’s STAT!Ref subscription from your Android™ smartphone as well as other devices with the Android™ OS such as the Kindle Fire by Amazon Digital Services.The STAT!Ref Mobile App can be downloaded FREE by clicking here:

How to obtain a username and password to use the STAT!Ref® App

Access your STAT!Ref subscription as you would normally

• Click the “Your Preferences” link in the upper right corner

• If you do not have a “Your Preferences” account, set-up your account by simply entering your name, state, phone number, e-mail address and a “Your Preferences” password

• Click the “Temporary Login Account” tab and click the “Activate/Renew” icon

Activating the “Temporary Login Account” will provide the ability to login to your institutional subscription via a username and password on your mobile device. This account will be the same as “Your Preferences” account - “Your Preferences” email address and password become a login account, temporarily.

Once you are authenticated, the preferences-based login can be used for 12 months, after which you must click the “Activate/Renew” button from the temporary login account screen again. To renew “Your Preferences” login account you will have to log in via an official log in method*, connect to “Your Preferences” account and click the “Activate/Renew” button again. The number of days “Your Preferences” may be activated as a login account is controlled by the manager of your STAT!Ref subscription.

What is StatRef?

STAT!Ref is a clinical information resource with full text access to key medical reference sources and textbooks including:

  • Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmacology, and Medical Specialty titles
  • AHFS Drug Information
  • Essential Evidence Plus
  • Specialist textbooks
  • Drug references
  • Medical dictionaries
  • MedCalc 3000 (calculation tools and decision trees)