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Radiology Residents Resources: Tech's

A select list of resources available through the Del E. Webb Memorial Library

Merrill, V; Ballinger, PW & Frank, ED (2003).  Merrill's atlas of radiographic positions & radiologic procedures.  ISBN:  9780323016063. 

Crawford, WO; Gautot, HJ & King, MJ (1973);  X-ray technology examination review book, 3e.  OCLC #: 14430709. 

Mallett, M (1981).  Handbook of anatomy and physiology for students of medical radiation technology. 3e.   ISBN:  978-0916973001.

Whitley AS, Jefferson G, Holmes K, Hoadley G, Sloane C, & Anderson C. (2015).  Clark's positioning in radiography. 13e.  ISBN: 9781444165050.

Russ, JC & Neal, FB (2016).  The image processing handbook. 7e.  ISBN:  9781498740265.

Umbaugh, SE (2011).  Digital image processing and analysis : human and computer vision applications with CVIPtools, 2e.  ISBN:  9781439802052.  Revised edition of Computer imaging:  digital image analysis and processing. (2005)

Williams, EK & Wagner, J (2000).  Procedures and documentation for mammography and quality management.  ISBN:  9780071353984.