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Radiology Residents Resources: Management

A select list of resources available through the Del E. Webb Memorial Library

Rushford, MP; Weinreich, LA & AHRA: The Association for Medical Imaging Management (2016), Human resource management in radiology. 2e.  ISBN:  9780963417688.

Dubiel, P; Queen, KN & AHRA: The Association for Medical Imaging Management (2013),  Financial management in radiology. 2e.  ISBN:  9780963417664.

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Hurwitz, M & Hurwitz, S (2015).  Leadership is half the story : a fresh look at followership, leadership, and collaboration.  ISBN:  9781442622401.

Kroken, P; Richardson, E & Stockburger, WT (2007).  Communication & information management in radiology​.  ISBN:  9780963417626

Merlino, DA; Gaines, SR; Gerber, SW & American Healthcare Radiology Administrators (2007).  Asset management in radiology.  ISBN:  9780963417640.