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Radiology Residents Resources: Peds

A select list of resources available through the Del E. Webb Memorial Library

Barkovich, AJ & Raybaud, C (2014).  Pediatric neuroimaging.    ISBN:  9781469821566.

Coley, BD & Caffey, J (2013).  Caffey's pediatric diagnostic imaging.  ISBN:  978-0323081764.  Available at Webb Circulating is the 2004 10th edition.  Call Number:  WN 240 C129p 2004.

Donnelly, LF, (2012).  Diagnostic imaging: Pediatrics.  ISBN:  978-1931884846.

Gunderman, RB, & Delaney LR (2010).  RadCases:  Pediatric imaging.  ISBN:  9781604061826.

Hilton, (1973).  Progress in pediatric radiology.

Kleinman. ?? Borderlands of normal and early pathological findings in skeletal radiography.

Miller, JH & White, L (1985).  Imaging in pediatric oncology.  ISBN:9780683059786.

Nyberg, DA, McGahan, JP, Pretorius, DH & Pilu, G (2003).  Diagnostic imaging of fetal anomalies.  ISBN:  978-0781732116.

Ozonoff, MB (1992).  Pediatric orthopedic radiology.  ISBN:  9780721636184.  Available at Webb Circulating is the 1979 edition. Call Number:  WS 270 O99p 1979.

Seibert, JJ & James, CA, (1998).  Pediatric radiology case base:  the baby Minnie of pediatric radiology.  ISBN:  9783131078919.

Slovis,(??Thomas L.).(1974).  Bone dysplasias.

Coley, BD (2013). .Caffey's pediatric diagnostic imaging. ISBN:  9780323081764.  10th edition (2004) by Kuhn, Slovis & Haller available at Webb Circulating - Call Number:  WN 240 C129p 2004.

Swischuk, L (2013). Imaging of the cervical spine in children.  ISBN:  9781461437871.

van Rijn, RR, & Blickman, JG (2011).  Differential diagnosis in pediatric imaging.  ISBN:  9783131494115.

Slovis, TL; Sty, JR; & Haller, JO (1989).  Imaging of the pediatric urinary tract.  ISBN:  9780721618715.