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Radiology Residents Resources: Neuro

A select list of resources available through the Del E. Webb Memorial Library

Anderson, JS, Shah, LM, & Nielsen, JA (2014). Specialty imaging: functional MRI.  ISBN:  9781931884938.

Aygun, N, & Yousem, DM (2011). Head and neck imaging : case review series.  ISBN:  9780323078948.

Bowen, BC, Rivera, A, & Saraf-Lavi, E (2008).  Spine imaging:  case review.  ISBN: 9780323031240.

Castillo, M & Zamora, C (2017). Neuroradiology companion: methods, guidelines, and imaging fundamentals.  ISBN:  9781496322135.  Webb Circulating has the 1999 edition available.

Fischbein, NJ, Dillon, WP, & Bakovich, AJ (2000).  Teaching atlas of brain imaging.  9783131163417.

Grossman, CB (1995).  Magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography of the head and spine.  ISBN:  9780683037692.

Harnsberger, HR (1995). Handbook of head and neck imaging.  ISBN:  9780815142331.

Harrigan, MR & Deveikis, JP (2013). Handbook of cerebrovascular disease and neurointerventional technique.  ISBN:  9781617799464.

Jansen, O, & Brückmann, H (2013).  Interventional stroke therapy.  ISBN: 9783131699213.

Latchaw, RE (1991).  MRI and CT imaging of the head, neck, and spine.  ISBN: 9780815153306.

Lawton, MT, Gress, DR, Higashida, RT (2006).  Controversies in neurological surgery: neurovascular diseases.  ISBN:  9783131418814.

Loevner, LA, & Grossman, RI (2009).  Brain Imaging: case review.  ISBN: 9780323076487.

Lufkin, RB, Borges, A, & Villablanca, P (2000).  Teaching atlas of head and neck imaging.  ISBN:  9783131078810.

Orrison, WW (2008). Atlas of brain function.  ISBN:  9781588905253.

Osborn, AG, Jhaveri, MD, Salzman, KL (2015).  Diagnostic imaging:  Brain.  ISBN:9780323377546.

Osborn, AG & Tong, KA (1996).  Handbook of neuroradiology : brain and skull.  ISBN: 9780815165934.

Osborn, AG (2013).  Osborn's brain : imaging, pathology, and anatomy.  ISBN:9781931884211.

Morris, PP (2013).  Practical neuroangiography.  ISBN:  9781451144154.  2007 edition is available at Webb Circulating - Call Number:  WL 141 M877p 2007.

 Riascos,R & Bonfante, E (2011). RadCases: Neuro imaging.  ISBN:  9781604061901.

Robson, CD, Koch, BL & Harnsberger, HR (2013).  Specialty imaging. Temporal bone. ISBN:  9781931884693.

Ross, JS & Moore, KR (2015).  Diagnostic imaging: Spine.  ISBN:  9780323377058.

Saini, S, Rubin, GD & Kalra, MK (2014).  MDCT:  a practical approach.  ISBN:  9788847056282.

Shankar, L & Evans, K (2006). An atlas of imaging of the paranasal sinuses.  ISBN:  9781841844480.