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Radiology Residents Resources: MRI

A select list of resources available through the Del E. Webb Memorial Library

Barker, PB (2010). Clinical MR spectroscopy:  techniques and applications.  ISBN:  978-0521868983.

Higgins, CB & de Roos, A (2003).  Cardiovascular MRI and MRA.  ISBN:  9780781734820.

Leyendecker, JR, Brown, JJ & Merkle, EM (2014). Practical guide to abdominal and pelvic MRI.  ISBN:  9781469813882.

Mangrum, W, Christianson, K, Duncan S, Hoang, P, Merkle, E Song, AW. (2012). Duke Review of MRI Principles. ISBN: 9781455700844.

Mink, JH (1993).  MRI of the knee.  ISBN:  978-0881679366.

Pope, TL, Loehr, S, & Hagenstad, C (2000).  Atlas of musculoskeletal imaging.  ISBN:  9780865776951.

Prayer, D (2011). Fetal MRI.  ISBN: 9783540732709.

Schild, HH (2012). MRI made easy.  ISBN:  9783000384417.

Zlatkin, MB (2003). MRI of the shoulder.  ISBN:  9780781715904.