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Radiology Residents Resources: GI

A select list of resources available through the Del E. Webb Memorial Library

Berk, RN, Ferucci, JT,  & Leopold, GR (1983). Radiology of the gallbladder & bile duct:  diagnosis and intervention. ISBN:  0721617026

Eisenberg, RL (1999). Gastrointestinal radiology companion: imaging fundamentals.  ASIN:  B01FKUQNRI

Federle, MP, Jeffrey, RB, Woodward, PJ, & Anne, VS (2004)  Diagnostic imaging:  abdomen.  ISBN: 978-1416025412

Federle, MP,  Jeffrey, RB, Woodward, PJ, & Bohari, A (2010). Diagnostic imaging:  abdomen, 2nd ed.  ISBN: 1931884714 

Federle, MP (2009). Expertddx. Abdomen.  ISBN: 9781931884099 

Halpert, RD (2008). Gastrointestinal imaging: case review series, 2e.  ISBN:  978-0323040945

Ichikawa, H. (1973). The Basic concept of double-contrast radiography of  the stomach.  OCLC#: 64283953

Johnson, CD (2013). Mayo Clinic Gastrointestinal Imaging Review (Mayo Clinic Scientific Press), 2e.  ISBN:  978-0199862153

Laufer, I. & Levine, MS (1992). Double contrast gastrointestinal radiology, 2e  ISBN: 978-0721656496   We have the 1979 edition - Webb Circulating: WI 141 L373d 1979


Levine, MS, Ramchandani, P, & Rubesin, SE, (2012). Practical fluoroscopy of the GI and GU tracts.  ISBN:  978-1107001800.

Lorenz, J., ed. (2011). RadCases: Gastrointestinal imaging.  ISBN:  978-1604061833.

Margulis, AR (1989). Alimentary tract radiology. Vols, I & II.   ISBN:  978-0801631917.

Stewart, ET, Vennes, JA., & Geenen, JE, editors (1977).  Atlas of endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography.  ISBN: 9780801648038.

Taylor, AJ, & Bohorfoush, AG, (1997). Interpretation of ERCP:  with associated digital imaging correlation.  ISBN:  978-0397515790.

Welch, CE, & Hedberg, S. (1975). Polypoid lesions of the gastrointestinal tract (Major problems in clinical surgery, Vol. 2).  ISBN:  978-0721691718.

Yee, J. (2008). Virtual colonoscopy.  ISBN: 978-0781757706