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Mobile Print: LLU Print Center

How to print from your mobile device using Pharos Mobile printing.

LLU Print Center

LLU Print Center is a web-based management and print release feature of the university's Pharos print system.  At the LLU Print Center, you can manage your print jobs, upload documents, check your print funds and release selected jobs.  This guide is an overview of the LLU Printer Center's features.

Logging In:

The LLU Print Center can be found at Login using your LLUH username and password (typically the same as your email username and password).  Inquiries for forgotten username or passwords may directed to the LLU HelpDesk x48611, or

 LLU Print Center Screen:

Job List: Displays your current print jobs waiting in the print queue.  Select your job to change some of its settings before printing.  These settings are found at the bottom, middle of the screen and are: Color, Sides, Pages per side and Copies.  A print preview is available along with details such as pages, pieces of paper, submitted time, and cost. Print jobs are held in the queue for 24 hours.

Activity:  Shows your past print activity.  You can specify a date range or view all.  You can sort by Activity Type which will show your printing, copying, and Library computer logins.  

Delete/Refresh/Upload:  This option changes or modifies the display.  The Delete button will delete the selected print job from the Job List.  Once deleted, the job is no longer available.  The Refresh button will refresh the display with new data.  The Upload button provides the ability to upload approved documents to the print queue straight from the LLU Print Center interface.  Click on the Upload button and a browse option will be displayed where you choose the document to be uploaded.  Click Open to send it to the queue.  LLU Print Center will process the document and make it available for printing.  

Payment method:  Shows the funds that are available to you.  The My Funds is the total amount available.  Standard Funds are the funds available at the Library and everywhere.  School funds are available only at the specifically named school printers.  For example, "Pharmacy Funds" are used when you print to the Pharmacy mobile printers, but not the library printers. 

Add Funds:  This option, in the Payment Method area, allows you to add money to your Standard fund from the Internet via PayPal, debit, or credit card.

Print options:  When a print job is selected, these options are available to be changed changed before printing.  The options are: Color/B&W, Duplexing, Pages per side (up to two) and number of copies.  

Destination:  This is where the printer is selected if you are going to release and pay for a print job directly from the LLU Print Center.  Not all schools' printers are available even though they are shown in the list.  This is due to licensing.  The unavailable printers will have a yellow triangle icon and say "incompatible".  The available printers for mobile printing are:

  • DWColor-KM (Del Webb Library)
  • DWKM2 (Del Webb Library)
  • ESSKM1 (Centennial)
  • SPHP600LabFront (Pharmacy only)
  • SPHP600LabFront-2 (Pharmacy only)
  • SPHP600Lounge (Pharmacy only)
  • SOMAlumniPathLab2 (Medicine only)
  • SOMStudentLounge (Medicine only)
  • SMPDXHP4015 (Medicine only)

Help: Offers help on using the LLU Print Center.

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