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Mobile Access & Apps: DynaMed Plus

Information about access to resources for mobile users.

DynaMed Plus

  is replacing DynaMed on 7/31/16; please begin using DynaMedPlus & DynaMedPlus Mobile as soon as possible.   

Mobile device requirements for DynaMed Plus App

Q. What are the mobile device requirements for the DynaMed app?

The DynaMed Plus App for Apple iOS devices requires:

  • Any iPhone® or iPad® or iPod touch® running iOS 7.0 or higher
  • Requires at least 800MB of memory

The DynaMed Plus App for Android devices requires:

  • Any Android device running Android 4.0 or higher
  • Requires at least 800MB of memory



DynaMed Plus Mobile App

Q. How do I download and authenticate the app on my device?

To use the DynaMed Plus app, you must first create a remote (personal) account from within the DynaMed Plus interface. After creating a personal account, download the DynaMed Plus app from the iTunes or Google Play app store and then authenticate using your personal account user name and password.

Note: It is recommended that you are on a Wi-Fi connection for the initial download of DynaMed Plus content as well as when updates become available.

To download and authenticate the DynaMed Plus app:

  1. Access DynaMed Plus from your institution (hospital, library, etc.).

  2. From the DynaMed Plus home page, click the Sign Up for Remote Access link.

  3. Complete the Remote Access - Personal Account form, and click Submit. A message displays:

    “Thank you for registering your personal account. A time-sensitive email has been sent to [email address] with further instructions.”

  4. Open the email and click the link to complete your DynaMed Plus account set-up. You will need to enter a strong password and click Submit.

    Note: If you do not complete the account setup process within 72 hours, please contact EBSCO Support for assistance.

  5. A message displays: “Please remember your credentials for future reference. Upon clicking you will be able to sign in as a personal user.” You may need to wait a few minutes for your password to be processed before you can sign in.

  6. Open the DynaMed Plus app on your mobile device and click I Accept to accept the Terms of Use.

  7. On the Login screen, enter the same email address and password you use on the web site. Mark the Keep Me Signed In checkbox and click the Login button. The DynaMed Plus content will automatically download to your device.


Q. Can I use the DynaMed Plus app offline?

After installing the app and downloading the DynaMed Plus content, the app can be used offline without a wireless signal. A wireless signal is required to perform updates to the DynaMed Plus content when updates become available.


Q. Does the DynaMed Plus app authentication expire?

After you authenticate the app by clicking the link in the your email, your authentication is valid for 12 months.

When your authentication expires, you can send yourself another link from within the DynaMed Plus interface to authenticate the app for another 12 months.

Using the DynaMed Plus Mobile App - FAQs


DynaMed Plus App on Multiple Devices

Q. Can I download the DynaMed Plus app on multiple devices?

Yes. When you email yourself an authentication link from within DynaMed Plus, you can use that link to authenticate the app on up to three devices. If you would like to authenticate more than three devices, send yourself another authentication link from within DynaMed Plus for the additional devices.

Note: Open the email from the mobile device you wish to authenticate and tap the authentication link to authenticate the app.