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Information for connecting devices on the Loma Linda University wireless network

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Connect to LLU Wireless

LLU students, faculty, and LLU/MC employees can easily connect their mobile devices to the Loma Linda University wireless network.  When using the LLU wireless network, you have two choices of connectivity which depends on the SSID you choose to join.

"LomaLindaUniversity" WiFi network:

This wireless network is designed for quick access with minimal device configuration.  However, there are some trade-offs.  When connected, you will be redirected to a webpage and asked to authenicate with your LLUAHSC login credentials. You will need to login every time this WiFi network is used. This wireless network is open network without transmission encryption.  There is no access to internal LLU network resources or wireless printing.  Access to Canvas and external websites is allowed.

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"LLU-EAP" WiFi network:

This is a secure wireless network designed for the continual use of WiFi on the LLU campus. Your device will need to be configured to authenticate with your LLUAHSC login.  Once the device is authenticated, it will automatically login to this secure WiFi network.  Information sent over this wireless network is encyrpted.  Select internal LLU resources are immediately available.  Other resources are available after connecting with LLU WebVPN.  Wireless printing is enabled.

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More information

An LLU, LLU/MC or MURR Active Directory account is required to access the LLU wireless network.  Medical Center users should prepend MC\ to the beginning of their username;  Murrieta users should prepend MURR\ to the beginning of their username.  

Once connected to the "LLU-EAP" wireless network, users with access to the LLU web-based VPN can log into WebVPN ( to access additional restricted resources.

Issues concerning access to the wireless network, usernames and lost passwords should be directed to the Loma Linda University HelpDesk:  x44611 or