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Information for Faculty

This guide provides information on services that the library provides specifically for LLU faculty members.

Questions? Problems with your profile?

        Questions?  Problems with your Expert Gallery profile?  Send your queries to

Photo credit: Adam Levine 

Create my profile

Send us an email to get your profile 

If you would like, include in the email:

  • a headshot
  • introductory statement (descriptive summary of you and your research)
  • research interests
  • links you would like to display on your profile (e.g., blog links, researcher profiles, etc.)

Personal Account

Already have a profile and want to make edits?

  1.  Go to:
  2. Click on Forgot your password?
  3. Enter your LLU email address and
  4. You will get an email to reset your passwd

Tips on editing your profile

Simple editorial icons provide inline editing throughout, allowing you to easily access each section to quickly add, modify, or remove content.

1.  Hover your cursor over different sections to reveal the blue pen icon 

2.  Click on the icon to edit.

3.  REMEMBER to click Save after making edits.

Add Your Biographical Information

1.  Click on the About tab

2.  Hover your cursor above a section to reveal icons to help you edit your profile

3.  Enter information as you would like displayed—no coding skills required

While all sections appear to you while logged into your account, only the completed sections will display publicly.

REMEMBER to click Save in each section you make edits.

Tip on Positions:

Some experts have multiple positions. To affiliate your profile with your primary position, check the box Affiliate my profile with this Institution.  You will only be able to make one position primary.  Add other roles with the +Add button on the top right.  REMEMBER to click save after entering each position.