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Information for Faculty

This guide provides information on services that the library provides specifically for LLU faculty members.

Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

How to link to an article using the Digital Object Identifier (DOI):

A Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is a system for identifying content objects in the digital environment. Using DOIs you can easily cite and link electronic documents. Since DOIs do not change, they are ideal for citing an article, especially articles in press that may not include their full bibliographic information.

  • DOI links remain valid, independent of a journal’s current publisher. Even though the content may move to another (DOI compliant) platform, the DOI will not change.
  • The structure of a DOI link was developed and managed by the International DOI Foundation. In addition, many leading scholarly & profession publishers have come together to participate in CrossRef, a DOI-based article linking scheme.

DOI links have the following structure:

For example, the link with the DOI, shown in bold, would look like this:


How To Link To An Article

EBSCO Databases

Full text articles available through any of the EBSCO Databases include information on how to link to an article through a persistent link. Under TOOLS, click on the option “Permalink” Copy & paste the link information to link to the particular article or include in your citation information.



Persistent linking lets users retrieve an EBSCOhost article by clicking on a link embedded in a web site. Persistent links to articles can be e-mailed or saved. Only authorized users can access the articles. A user who can not be authenticated is prompted with an error message.



Connect to PubMed® through LLU library.  Perform your search.  When you find the article you want, click on the title and look for the purple LLU & MC graphic to link to the desired article, to check whether an item is available in electronic format.

You must be able to see the graphic to be able to link to the full text.

Note: The Display format in PubMed must be in "Abstract" or "Citation" to view the purple LLU & MC Find Articles graphic link.

After you have followed the LLU & MC Find Article graphic link, follow instructions to display the full text version of the article. When available, the DOI is usually found near the top left hand corner on an article. In Elsevier & Science Direct, this information will be listed in the “Full Text + Links” view.