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EndNote & EndNote Online

Help using Endnote: A Bibliographic Software Program and EndNote Online: Your Web-Based Research and Writing Tool

Organize your References


Go to Groups > Create Group. This creates a group with a folder icon on the left. Give your group a name.Drag and drop references from your library into this group. The same reference can appear in multiple groups and is not duplicated when you do this.


Go to Groups > Create Smart Group. Define a search parameter and give this group a name. Click on the Create button. A Smart Group automatically shows references that match that search. This group will also instantly update as you add more references to your library that match that original search.


Explore the relationships between your existing groups.Go to Groups > Create From Groups. Pick at least two groups in the drop-down menu and select your Boolean operator of choice. Give this group a name, click on the Create button, and a combined group will appear on the left. This group is also a smart group and will update as your component groups change.