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Journal Terms List

Consistently display the correct journal title format in a bibliography by setting up a journals term list.  

Databases import journal titles differently. Some display the full title and others display the abbreviation. titles screenshot
Select Tools, Open Term List, then Journals Term List.

tools, open term list, journals term list


If terms are present, select all the terms and click on Delete Term.  Then, select the Lists tab.


term lists


Click Import List.


import journals list


Go to the Terms List folder (inside the EndNote Folder).  Select Medical, or the term list for your field of study and click Open. Click OK on the next window.


terms list in endnote folder 


Now when you click on the Terms tab,  
you should see a full list of journal names and their matching abbreviations.  Close the Term Lists window.


Open the Style Manager by selecting Edit, Output Styles, then Open Style Manager.


open style manager


Show the styles on your Favorites list by clicking Find by and then Favorites.  Select a style and click Edit.


favorites list


Select the Journal Names option.  If the Journal Name format is set to something other than Don't replace, as the APA style is in the screenshot below, it is set to use the journals term list and you can close the window without making changes.


journal names option


If the style is set to Don't replace, select the journal name options you prefer (e.g., Use full journal name, or Abbreviation 1, etc.).  You must then save the style with a new name by selecting Save As from the File menu. You can close the style editing window and the style manager.


save as window