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EndNote & EndNote Online

Help using Endnote: A Bibliographic Software Program and EndNote Online: Your Web-Based Research and Writing Tool

Setting EndNote "Find Full Text" Preferences

In EndNote click on Edit and then click on Preferences (at the bottom of the list).  On the left, vertical list in the window that pops up (see below), click on Find Full Text.  Make sure you have all the boxes checked and in the OpenURL Path box, copy and paste the following URL:  Then click Apply, and Ok.


Preferences find full text screenshot

Connect to Online Databases, Within EndNote

With the EndNote Online Search command, you can search online bibliographic databases just as easily as you can search an EndNote library on your own computer. To make it even easier, the results of your searches are saved as references in your own EndNote library.

Note: If you are working on your computer, off campus, you need to first Login through My Account to access the databases.

Searching an Online Database

  • Go to the Tools menu and select Online Search to see the available list of online databases. You could also look under Online Search in the Groups pane and click more (The Groups pane will remember databases you have connected to in the past for easy access under Online Search).
  • Select the database connection file you want to do your search in (you can start typing the file name to quickly jump to it in the list), and click Choose.
  • By selecting that connection file, you have directed EndNote to connect to that particular database.( If it asks for User ID and Password, do not type anythiing, just click OK).
  • When the connection has been established, EndNote displays a Search tab. For e.g. if you choose PubMed, note that the search tab is titled, “Online Search - PubMed MEDLINE at PubMed (NLM).” The PubMed MEDLINE database is selected and EndNote is ready to search.
  • Enter the search term(s) to find the references you need.
  • EndNote sends the search request off to the online database and a summary of the search results is displayed:The dialog displays the number of references that were found to match your search and gives you the option to retrieve them. ( If the result set seems too big, you can always refine the search to get closer to exactly those references you want.)
  • Click OK to retrieve and save the matching references.

Preview a Reference

To quickly look at the new references:

  • Click on a reference in the reference list.
  •  In the Tab pane, click on the Preview tab to display a reference preview.
  •  On the toolbar, select the Show All Fields output style from the output style list.

Delete a Reference

  • Select the references by holding down the CTRL key and clicking on the individual references. (Use SHIFT+click, or click and drag, to select a range of references.)
  • From the References menu, select Move References to Trash. The selected references are removed from the library and put in the Trash group.
  • The references are not completely deleted until you go to the Groups menu and choose Empty Trash.