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Citation Style Guide

How to cite electronic documents in AMA, APA, MLA, and Chicago styles, plus links to further information on these style formats.

Online Journal Article

Guidelines for online journal articles generally follow guidelines for print articles with the addition of the article URL.  The date accessed may be added if required by discipline, or for time-sensitive material.

 Author, Firstname. date. "Title of Article." Journal Title 1, no. 1: page-numbers. (accessed January 1, 2009).

Electronic article accessed through a database

Harle, Rob. 2007. "Sex, Drugs, Einstein, & Elves: Sushi, Psychedelics, Parallel

Universes, and the Quest for Transcendence." Leonardo 40, no. 1: 97-98.

Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost (accessed October 22, 2008).


Web site

Though web sites are commonly cited within the text and omitted from bibliographies and reference lists, a more formal version of a citation follows.  If an access date is required, add it within parenthesis at the end of the citation.

Author, Firstname.  "Name of the section of the web site being used." Name of the Web

Site. (accessed Month day, year).

Evanston Public Library Board of Trustees. “Evanston Public Library Strategic Plan,
2000–2010: A Decade of Outreach.” Evanston Public Library.
/library/strategic-plan-00.html (accessed June 1, 2005).

Chicago style guides at the library

The Chicago Manual of Style  
Call Number: Z 253 c532 2003
15th edition
Location: Reserve Desk

The Chicago Guide to Your Academic Career  
Call Number: LB 1778 g63 2001 
Location: Webb Circulating

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