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Social Work Research Guide: Streaming Videos

library resources specifically for social work students

About is a searchable database of streaming video files on psychotherapy. Anyone with access to the video library can create clips and store them in the Video Library. Videos are searchable by therapeutic approaches, therapeutic issues, expert therapists, population, and titles. It allows viewers to go straight to the heart of clinical practice as it is done by today's leading practitioners in North America. The database features demonstrations and counseling sessions with participants on a host of therapeutic topics. This is a resource for teaching and training in psychotherapy practice and for education about psychology.


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  • Turn on captions

  • Interactive Transcripts--synchronized transcripts which help to navigate the video and are searchable by keyword

  • Clip making function--make clips of any length with a permalink or embedded code

  • Search by learning center, keyword, topics

  • Create a direct link for a specific video