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Radiology Residents Resources: MSK

A select list of resources available through the Del E. Webb Memorial Library

Berquist, TH (2007). Musculoskeletal imaging companion.  ISBN:  9780781763745.

Berquist, TH (1995).  Pocket atlas of MRI musculoskeletal anatomy.  ISBN: 9780781703376.

Burnett, SJD, Taylor, A & Watson, M (2000).  A-Z of orthopaedic radiology.  ISBN:  9780702024924.

Chew, FS, Mulcahy, H & Ha, AS (2012).  Musculoskeletal imaging:  a teaching file.  ISBN 9781609137939.  Webb Circulating has the 2006 edition - Call Number:  WE 141 C529m 2006.

Chew, FS, Bui-Mansfield, LT & Kline, MJ (2003).  Core Curriculum:  Musculoskeletal imaging.  ISBN:  9780781737975.

Chew, FS (2010).  Skeletal radiology:  the bare bones.  ISBN:  9781608317066.

Cragg, AH, & Lund, G (1996).  Skeletal imaging:  radiology review cards.  ISBN:  9780943432663.

Daffner, RH (2011).  Imaging of vertebral trauma.  ISBN:  9780521897013.  Webb Circulating has 1988 edition (WE 17 D124i 1988).

Dondelinger, RF (1996).  Peripheral musculoskeletal ultrasound atlas.  ISBN:  9780865775923.

Garcia, GM (2010).  .RadCases:  Musculoskeletal imaging.   ISBN:  9781604061802.

Greulich, WW & Pyle, SI (1959).  Radiologic atlas of skeletal development of hand and wrist.  ISBN:  9780804703987.

Manaster, BJ, May, DA & Disler, DG (2013).  Musculoskeletal imaging:  the requisites.4th ed.   ISBN:  9781455750528.  Webb Circulating has 2007 edition.

Netter, FH & CIBA Pharmaceutical Company, Medical Education Division (1990).  Musculoskeletal system, Part II.  ISBN:  9780914168157.

Pope, TL, Bloem, HL, Beltran, J, (2008).  Imaging of the musculoskeletal system. (Expert Series).  ISBN:  978-1416029632.

Renton, P (2010).  Orthopaedic radiology:  pattern recognition and differential diagnosis.  ISBN:  978-0815172314.

Tornetta,III, P,  Court-brown, C, Heckman, JD, McKee, M, McQueen, MM (2014). Rockwood and Green's Fractures in Adults and Children Package North American Edition. ISBN:  9781469871578.

Spranger, JW, Brill, P, Superti-Furga, A, Unger, S, & Nishimura, G (2012).  Bone dysplasias : an atlas of genetic disorders of skeletal development​.  ISBN:   9780195396089.

Stoller, DW, Timan, P, Bredella, M, (2004).  Diagnostic imaging:  Orthopaedics.  ISBN:  9780721629209.

Stoller, DW (1999). MRI, arthroscopy, and surgical anatomy of the joints. ISBN:  9780781716666.

Stoller, DW (2008). Stoller's atlas of orthopaedics and sports medicine.  ISBN:  9780781783897.

Stoller, DW, Tirman, PFJ, Bredella, MA, Beltran, S, Bennion, LR, (2002).  Musculosketal:  top 100 diagnoses - Pocket Radiologist Series.  ISBN:  9780721697017.