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Psychology Research Guide: Find Journals/Databases

library resources specifically for psychology students

Looking for a journal title?

Search the Journal Portal if you:

  • are looking for a particular journal title
  • know the article you are looking for (look up by journal title)

For more in-depth help on looking for a journal, check out our guide, Information for Students: Journals

Looking for an article on a particular topic?

Search a database if you are looking for a group of articles on a particular topic.

Browse the database list by alphabetical list A-Z or subject

For more in-depth information on finding articles on your topic, check out our guide, Information for Students: Databases

Primary Psychology Databases

Secondary Psychology Databases

TIPS: searching ebsco

Add an asterisk (*) to the root of a word to find all forms of the word.

Example: parent* retrieves parent, parents, parenting, parental, etc

Boolean AND: social justice AND change (not: social justice change)

Boolean OR: social justice AND (ethnic* OR race OR nationality OR culture* OR religion)

Use the “Select a field” choice to do general keyword searches or specify a particular place for your search terms to appear (words in author, title, subject, journal title, etc.)

Locating Resources - Overview

Looking for a Book?

1.     Search the library catalog

2.     Use the Link+ service

Looking for a Journal Article?

            If you have a specific citation:

1.     From the library website, click on the “find journals” link

2.     Search by journal title

3.     Establish whether we have the journal title in the correct year

4.     Is the article available in print (in the library) OR is it available full-text online?

If you are looking for journal articles on a particular topic:

1.     Construct a search strategy – think about what you hope to find

2.     Evaluate which database is appropriate for your search

3.     Conduct a search and look carefully at your results and then repeat search with a revised search strategy

4.     Assess whether LLU Libraries has the full-text of the article(s) you want