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Clinicians' Library User Guide: Journals and Databases

Guides Loma Linda University affiliated Clinicians through the optimal use of Library resources.

If you have a specific citation:

Search the Journal Portal if you:

  • are looking for a particular journal title 
  • know the article you are looking for (look up by journal title)
  1. Select Find Journals on the left-hand side navigation bar from the library homepage to get to the journal portal. 
  2. Enter the journal title, or abbreviation in the search box.
  3. From the results list, establish if we have the journal title in the correct year

    Is the article available in print (in the library)?  If the link says, "Del E. Webb Library," it is available in the library in print only.

    3a.  Come to the library to photocopy it, or request the copy/pull (see service information at the very top of the pull link) service for a small fee through Interlibrary Loan.

    Is the article available full-text on-line?  On the results list, if the link indicates anything other than "Del E. Webb Library," it is available on-line. 

    3b.  Verify we have the correct year, then just click the link to go to the article.
  4. Each provider page looks different, however the goal is the same; use the citation information to find your exact article and then click on the pdf.
  5. Look for a listing of years and look for your article first by year, then subsequently volume, issue, and page or title.  

Click on the pdf.

If a list of years is not apparent on the initial page, look for links to archives, or past issues and then look for your article first by year, then subsequently volume, issue, and page or title.

Click on the pdf. 

Looking for an article on a particular topic?

Go to the databases when you have a topic and not a specific citation.  

Browse the database list by:

  1.  Evaluate which database is appropriate for your search.   The library provides over 100 databases.  Find out what the database covers by clicking on the link, more info underneath the title brief description of the database in the database list.
  2.   Think about what you hope to find; ask yourself questions about your topic and make a list of keywords and synonyms from these questions.
  3. Construct a search strategy using these keywords.
  4. Conduct the search and look carefully at your results and then repeat search with a revised search strategy
  5. Assess whether LLU Libraries have the full-text of the article(s) you want:  a) Go to the journal portal and check the title, or look for the purple Loma Linda buttons and click to search the Journal Portal: 

    Browse eJournals

    Get the app, or use the web version.