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Library Guides for NRSG 217 Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing: Library Links

This library guide attempts to address library and information needs of students enrolled in the NRSG 217 course on mental health nursing.




Welcome! If you are in the NRSG 217 class on Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, this guide is for you.  In the following pages, I have identified information resources that parallel the stated learning objectives of the course.  Use this guide in conjunction with the Basic guide to nursing.  If you have questions or know of a particular resource that you would like to see added to these pages, please contact me by phone (ext. 47535) or by email:

Course Description

NGRD 542 is the second (2) of six (6) sequential clinical courses designed to move the student towards the completion of entry-level competencies for the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. The university quarter (11 weeks) course focuses on assessment and mental health promotion for individuals across the lifespan, families, and populations at risk for developing or having a psychiatric disorder of mental health problem.  The course is designed to prepare the student PMHNP to provide primary mental health care through relationship based, continuous and comprehensive services





Learning Outcomes

1. Assess client systems using the Neuman Model.

2. Apply the nursing process, using evidence-based interventions, for clients experiencing a mental disorder.

3. Differentiate therapeutic from non-therapeutic communication and apply therapeutic communication skills as a novice nurse.

4. Discuss the etiology, manifestation and management of selected psychobiological disorders and trauma issues.

5. Identify psychotropic agents used in treating selected psychobiological disorders and know the major side effects of these agents and the neurotransmitters they affect.

6. Observe and effectively analyze therapeutic group process.

7. Recognize sense of self-awareness of own abilities, traits and attitudes as reflected in personal and professional roles.

8. Develop a professional commitment to client safety and legal and ethical practices in psychiatric/mental health nursing.

History of mental health nursing


A history of mental health nursing / by Peter Nolan.  Cheltenham, UK : Stanley Thomas Publishers, c1993.
Preview on Google Books.

Subject Guide

Nelia Wurangian-Caan
Del. E. Webb Library
Dept. of Research and Instruction
Local ext. 47535


Course Instructors:

Psychiatric Nurse Instructor
Telephone (909) 558-1000, ext.46402

Office: Room 1148
Available by appointment

Nurse Instructor
Telephone (909) 558-1000, ext.45453

Office: Room 1136
Available by appointment