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Research assistance, subject guides, and useful resources compiled by your friendly librarians. Know what we know - find it in LibGuides! This is a work in progress, more guides are in production & will be added soon!

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What are LibGuides @ LLU?

LibGuides @ LLU, produced by the librarians of the Loma Linda University Libraries, are a work in progress. Their purpose is to help students, faculty, & staff find key library resources and starting points for locating information available through the Loma Linda University Libraries.  

We encourage comments for improving the existing guides and suggestions for new guides. Each guide has the librarian author's contact information, so please give us feedback!



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Meet the Librarians

Carlene Drake, Library Director
Elisa Cortez, Allied Health; Dentistry
Lori Curtis, Archives & Special Collections; Religion
Shirley RaisPublic Health
Gurmeet SehgalMedicine; Pharmacy; 
Earth & Biological Sciences
Nelia WurangianNursing; Medical Center
Shanalee Tamares, Behavioral Health

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